Marketing Retainer

Spend your time building your business and let the professionals handle the marketing. As a retainer client, we’ll serve as a full-time marketing employee who strategizes marketing, designs print and digital ads, updates your website, manages your Facebook and Instagram accounts, sends email blasts, and more.


To fully serve your business, we’ll do an in-depth assessment looking at issues you’ve had, how we can work to fix them, where you want to be and how we can get you there.


Each year we will come together and work on an annual plan. We’ll look big events or product sales and come up with a marketing plan to achieve your goals.


Marketing is an ever-changing business. We work with our retainer clients on what marketing efforts are working best and what may need changed. Each business requires different types of marketing to reach their individual goals. As a retainer client, we work with you constantly to help you succeed.